Professional Show Management

Additional Services

Plant Rental

Up to 3 rings available for rent. $50 per ring per day
For rentals exceeding 3 days please contact us for quote

Plants for rental

Timing Equipment

Farmtek brain, 7" and 10" display clock and 3 sets of field timers
Everything you need to run your jumper classes

Timing Equipment for rental

PA Equipment

Radio Rental

24 Motorola 10 channel radios with chargers and spare batteries
An absolute must for a professional show

Contact us at or at 828-894-2721 for prices and availability

Thank You Sponsors!

Marshall Sterling Equisport.
The Farm House - Harmon Classics.
Stable Secretary - Harmon Classics.
Jaguar Land Rover of Asheville - Harmon Classics.
Safe Watch - Harmon Classics.

Equine Tack & Nutritionals - Harmon Classics.

Steven Loheac Horse Transportation - Harmon Classics.

Noble Dog Lodge  - Harmon Classics.


Harmon Classics is looking for Volunteers to help us with awards, award presentations and hospitality.

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