Harmon Classics

Equestrian Productions Company

Founded in 2007

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Upcoming Events

Harmon Classics Labor Day Spectacular - September 2-4, 2016

sanctioned by BRHJA, SCHJA, NCHJA

FENCE, Tryon, NC

Prize List ~ Time Schedule ~ Entry Blank ~ Stall Chart

BRHJA Classic - October 28-30, 2016

sanctioned by BRHJA, SCHJA, NCHJA, PSJ

FENCE, Tryon, NC

Prize List ~ Schedule ~ Entry Blank

CLICK HERE to enter online at Horse Shows Online at no extra charge!

***Remember you still need to call for stalls!
Make sure to contact Lewis Pack at 828-894-2721 to reserve stalls

Harmon Classics September Spectacular.

Come celebrate 90 years of our foxhunting heritage with The Tryon Hounds

Cocktails & Dinner under the tent at FENCE during the EMO Hunter Derby Harmon Classic September Spectacular Horse Show

Saturday, September 3rd 5:30pm

$75 Adults
$20 Children under 18
Reserved Table for 8 - $800

RSVP to Becky Barnes before September 1st

Make checks payable to The Tryon Hounds
and mail to 4 Jackson Grove North, Landrum SC 29356

or pay by PayPal

Harmon Classics September Spectacular.

$1,500 SCHJA Palmetto Derby at Harmon Classic Summer Fun

Congratulations to the Top Eight Ribbon Winners!

  • 1st - Brisbane, owner Bruce Christison, rider Annie Walters
  • 2nd - McManis, owner Nancy Bailey, rider Mary Wooten
  • 3rd - Rowen, owner and rider Annie Walters
  • 4th - Rrasmodias, owner Sally Watkins, rider Annie Walters
  • 5th - Libretto, owner Cindy Prestage, rider Mary Wooten
  • 6th - Cair Paravel, owner and rider Michaela Orsky
  • 7th - Lyons Creek Contador, owner and rider Katherine Ballentine
  • 8th - Enchantment, owner and rider Harlie Rodden

Thanks to Stephen Carroll for photos of the top five!

The Awesome Harmon Classics Crew!

Harmon Classics Crew

Thank you to Jaguar/Land Rover of Asheville for continued support of Harmon Classics!

Jaguar/Land Rover of Asheville

Thank You to our Sponsors:

Check out the 2016 Harmon Classics and BRHJA Calendar here

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Win a custom made PLS Saddle!

Earn a Saddle from PLS at BRHJA shows!

A big Thank You to everyone who came out for the Harmon Classics Spring Challenge at SCEP in Camden, SC!