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Founded in 2007

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Harmon Classics Sportsmanship Award

Harmon Classics is proud to present the Harmon Classics Sportsmanship Award presented every year to a person who has displayed a certain level of sportsmanship over the year at Harmon Classics Horse Shows

Sportsmanship Award Winners:

2016 Sportsmanship
2016 - Dorothy Dobson

2015 Sportsmanship
2015 - Ashlyn Bell

2014 Sportsmanship
2014 - Jordan Burton

2013 Sportsmanship
2013 - Freda Jessen

2012 Sportsmanship
2012 - Lee Cone

2011 Sportsmanship
2011 - Lisa Otto

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Photos from Harmon Classics Derby Mania have been posted at Liz Crawley Photography's website

Please remember that all photos on her site may not be saved, reproduced, shared on any social media or printed without the express permission of Liz Crawley Photography

A big Thank You to everyone who came out for Harmon Classics Derby Mania at FENCE

Thanks to Liz Crawley for these great photos!